The new Look and Feel of HSM

I’ve been casually watching our SEO rankings on Google, and seeing a trend of how people stumble across my site. People are interested in answers for questions like, “How to start investing in the stock market?” or “Beginners guide to investing” or even, “How to invest with little money?”

While I’m not a stock market advisor, nor is any of the information on this site to be taken as any advise, (Heck, I work in the construction industry!), I only invest in the stock market as a side hustle. I’ve been writing a lot of posts on support, resistance, and trendlines that I figure it’s time to switch gears: why not do a case study-type blog of how to make your first $1,000 in the market, and how long would it take?

Also, I wanted to change the look and feel of my pictures. Too many blogs have tons of stock charts, which gets a little mundane, so I’m going to add some personalization with pictures of construction-related work that I see on a day to day basis, enjoy!

How to get started in the stock market
A new beginning

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