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The Art of Setting Stops

One personal touch with investing that varies between investor to investor is how fast they want to move up stops.  Let’s say if you can’t be in front of a computer all day, then you may want to tell your brokerage to automatically close a trade if a stock price falls below a certain level.  […]

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Blurred Lines and Why Support and Resistance is open to Interpretation

Once in a while it would be nice to get a textbook-like entry or exit, where we can easily and clearly identify support and resistant levels. However, I seem to find the ones that are complicated … you know the ones where we have to look at the chart in a different angle.  Kind of […]

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This whole stock market investing really tests your patience and your greed tolerance.  Take for example in this case study where the stock broke in mid 2016 after a long sideways grind between 2015 and 2016.  Right off the bat, the stock zipped from 56 to about 63 within a few days.  But then … […]

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