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Perfect setup, still fails

Sometimes, the charts don’t always work out in your favor.  This was a setup that should have been a lay up of a gem.  I love the trendline, it’s very clean, the lows were never tested.  So, when I see the setup in 2015-2016, I start to get excited.  It’s super clean – it hits […]

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Perfect setup, still fails – Part 2

The first sign that got me a little nervous was how the price fizzled and pretty much retraced the entire breakout candle.  But then, there seemed to be some signs of life since price rebounded, only to fade again.   I’m not sure what the learning lesson here is, or if there is one here […]

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$100 in 9 Days

  Welcome to another edition of 100 Dollar Club – the purpose of these case studies is to review the fruits of hard labour – and the best fruit is that initial taste of a winning trade, which I like to call, “$100 Dollar Club”, when you make your first $100 dollars.   This trade […]

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